Testimonials for Beauty Works Horsham

Client Testimonials

Debbie cares about what her clients think and we know that you do too. So here are just a few Beauty Works client testimonials:
thank you!MR

I am a relatively new client of Debbie’s, having visited her twice now. I am particularly impressed with her friendly, relaxing manner. Her treatment room is of the highest possible hygiene standards, with particular attention paid to every possible COVID 19 precaution.
I have found Debbie to be very personable and she has a highly intuitive style, which enabled her to quickly adopt a treatment approach that suited my requirements, for soothing aches and pains as well as general relaxation. On each occasion, her massage has left me feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated. I am therefore, only too pleased, to recommend Debbie’s professionalism.”

Facial Therapies

Mrs A.B., Horsham, Sussex

Your facials are healing therapies, the effects of which linger far beyond the treatment itself.”

Mrs J.A., South Africa

My sincere and grateful thanks for giving of your skills, gentle touch and of yourself to give me a sensation of being in heaven.”

Massage Therapies

Mr J.H., Horsham, Sussex

Massage with Debbie is a professional and pleasant experience. I was delighted with the results. Debbie’s commitment is total and it comes through in her treatment”

Mrs B.C., Crawley Down

I just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful care you gave me with the back massages, that really helped the problems that I had with intense muscle spasms following the spinal disc replacement that I had last year. Your service was exceptional, and I immediately felt at ease and relaxed in the calm and pleasant environment of your salon. I recommended you to my daughter-in-law to be, who is herself a beauty therapist, and I know that she has had a couple of wonderful sessions with you herself. Please feel free to show future prospective clients my testimonial to your wonderful and caring service.”

Mr S.B., Horsham

Due to my overly sedentary lifestyle (either slaving over a pc or driving up and down the M25), plus the stresses and strains of running a business, I thought it would be worth trying a neck and back massage to relax me. Not only did I get a really good massage but Debbie was able to analyse a problem with my neck and worked really hard to loosen the granulation. I felt so much better afterwards and Debbie also gave me some practical advice as to how to improve my working practices to help my posture. I will now be returning to Debbie on a regular basis so that I can keep my neck nice and loose to get the benefits of regular massage. Her service was really professional, made you feel very comfortable and made sure that at each stage you were happy with the process and did not experience any unnecessary pain. I thoroughly recommend Debbie!”

Mr J.R., Horsham

My partner is a Childminder and part of her job entails a lot of lifting of children. Over time this has caused quite serious back pain. She went to see Debbie complaining of pain in a particular point in her back. Debbie quickly identified that the pain was actually emanating from a different point. Debbie worked on this area and explained that there would be an initial period of 24  – 48 hours when it would feel worse before it would feel better. Throughout the following 48 hours Debbie was in touch offering advice. Somewhere between 24 and 48 hours later the pain subsided and my partner gained mobility that she hadn’t had in several months. Debbie at Beauty Works is brilliant at what she does. Her premises are quiet, calm and relaxed. Debbie is extremely well qualified and very good at what she does. She walks the walk as they say and you can be absolutely assured of her discretion. Debbie also makes a great cup of coffee. Highly recommended!”

Mr D.S., Horsham

I would like to dedicate this positive contribution in a way of a testimony for Debbie Pickles. 7 weeks ago I was involved in a serious car accident resulting in 6 vertebrate out of place, extensive internal bruising – basically a lot of pain. Debbie was in contact with my chiropractor and messaged me saying she could help. I jumped at the chance, if you have ever been a client of Debbie’s you will know how booked up she is. This amazing talented lady worked her magic behind  my left shoulder blade which was causing discomfort to my neck and back. I like to say my life is nearly normal. Thank you Debbie – you are truly amazing!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for a relaxing experience. As a person who regularly gets massage I needed to tell you that your services are far more superior than I have ever experienced. You located areas in my body that needed attention in order for me to have a better quality of life and preventing future problems. My previous experience in massage has been somewhat mechanical, 5 minutes on one leg, 5 minutes on another etc., a well rehearsed exercise of team. Debbie explored deep muscular tension which needed relaxing and almost tenderising. During the day I have to say I was extremely relaxed and less stressed, 24 Hours later I still feel the same. I look forward to having monthly treatments in the knowledge that I am in very professional hands.”

Various Treatments

Mrs J.T, Rusper

As promised a sincere few words for your website from a delighted customer!  I have been seeing Debbie regularly for the past 2 years for various different treatments, including facials, massage, tanning, waxing. The professionalism, care and personal service that Debbie offers, provides a marked contrast to the normal salon approach, where in my experience the therapists are always rushed and everything is menu driven. Debbie’s approach is totally client driven. She takes time to listen, know you as an individual and is flexible to tailor her treatments to meet your own unique needs every time. I would highly recommend her and personally wouldn’t dream of ever going back to a high street salon again – it would never live up to the experiences I have with Beauty Works.”

Mrs V.F, Horsham

Debbie maintains professional integrity whilst providing a wide range of treatments of a consistently high calibre to suit the individual needs of her clientele, within a tranquil environment. Debbie always provides a full consultation, including a comprehensive explanation of the products and the treatment processes involved, thereby enabling the client to make an informed choice. Regarding appointments, Debbie is most accommodating. She is punctual and provides a warm welcome upon arrival, ensuring the client feels comfortable and helping them to relax and benefit from the treatment undertaken.”

Parking facilities are available and the venue is far away from the hustle and bustle of town centre traffic.”

Mr S.T., Horsham

Debbie Pickles of Beauty Works in Horsham is an oasis of calm and tranquility! You are warmly welcomed into her home, where she takes you to her therapy and massage rooms. Her specialist knowledge in all areas of health and well being makes her stand out in her profession. My Wife and I have had many massage treatments with Debbie including Reiki, and we have always come out feeling relaxed and spoilt, and thinking when can we go back again. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone and I will continue to let people know that Beauty Works is better than the high street.”

Mr P.M., Horsham

Debbie has provided the highest level of service to myself and even more importantly my family. Her professionalism and dedication to her work is almost “beyond a testimonial” … she has helped both my Wife and Daughter way past anything you would expect, both of them have been through some difficult times of late, and she has been fantastic with them .. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. As my 23 year old daughter says – I absolutely love Debbie.”

Ms K.D., Horsham

What an utter treat to spend today with the fabulous Debbie Pickles! I have known for a long time that you are brilliant at what you do., but to see you working today was amazing! Thank you so much for asking me to come along. Beauty Works is most definitely the ONLY place I would go for treats and pampering.


Mrs A.B, Horsham

I am looking forward to my next Microdermabrasion session, as I enjoy any treatment by you. The therapeutic aspects of the MDB outweigh any discomfort, although in fact I have not felt uncomfortable at all. I find the treatment painless, with no after effects, apart from slight redness after the very first treatment. I have seen an immediate improvement in the condition of my skin, and a number of friends and family have commented on this. I am repeating the 6 week treatment course because of the benefits to my skin’s appearance, and also for the therapeutic benefit. The sessions are very soothing and relaxing.”

Reiki Treatment

Mr P.S., Horsham

For a number of years I have visited Debbie for her more “hands on” treatments to help deal with a number of issues that rugby had inflicted on my worn out body! During these appointments our discussions began to drift towards the more spiritual side of her work and it was with interest that I learnt of her training as a Reiki practitioner. This interest deepened when Debbie began to offer Reiki treatments to her clients. As someone interested in the impact on the spiritual side of Debbie’s work I booked myself in for a Reiki session. From the first appointment I felt an almost immediate effect, both physically and spiritually, as soon as Debbie began to work on me I felt waves of energy moving through me. (Sounds a little new agey I know but there were very strong reactions which have, on occasions, had me bouncing up from the treatment table). Post treatment I have found myself full of energy, with a more dynamic purpose. (It’s been some time since I felt energetic and dynamic!) As an eternal student, currently studying in a couple of fields, I feel that this treatment has given me a little extra “zip” which has benefited by studies”.

Charity Work

Mathew Cornish, St Catherine’s Hospice

More businesses are realising the benefits of engaging with an established and trusted local charity like St Catherine’s. In 2010 Beauty Works in Horsham chose to support St Catherine’s Hospice by sponsoring their Midnight Walk. The event was a huge success with 1000 women raising over £160,000. Linking two organisations together in this way brings mutual advantages; St Catherine’s receives critical funding and Beauty Works is positioned as a leading contributor to their local area raising their profile amongst the local community. As a charity the hospice relies on the support of local people and businesses like Beauty Works to ensure they can keep providing their vital services to those who need them.”

Arundawn Dog Rescue

I am also involved in supporting Arundawn Dog Rescue. For more information please see my blog post on Arundawn.

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