Tanning and Waxing

I offer a natural-looking tan, without the harmful effects of UV from the sun

Naturasun Spray Tanning

All our tans in this range will last approximately 5 – 7 days. Clients will need to exfoliate and remove unwanted body hair the night before their spray. It is recommended that clients leave their Naturasun Spray Tan on for at least 9 hours, or overnight, before bathing; this gives the tan a chance to develop fully. It is advised that wearing any clothing or doing an activity which will cause perspiration while the tan is developing, is avoided as they can cause the tan to fade before it is fully developed. Anti-perspirants and moisturisers will have the same effect. Clients should moisturize daily to help the longevity of their tan

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Warm wax creates a sticky coating on the hairs and helps them adhere to the fabric or paper strip. Wax is then applied to the hairs and removed against the direction of hair growth. Large areas can be covered and removed relatively quickly. Hair needs to be at least 1 cm in length for effective removal

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