Beauty Works Skincare Horsham offers a wide range of skincare treatments from a private beauty salon; whether you want to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of spots or pigmentation, achieve a natural lift or a brighter complexion, Beauty Works Horsham has a facial that suits.

silouettelogoMy private beauty salon in Horsham offers not only the ultimate in luxurious, relaxing facial treatments but can also offer a combination of high-tech treatments such as Micro-Dermabrasion (aimed at improving skin texture and reducing pore size). Electrotherapy as in Dermalift (to accelerate cellular renewal and tone sagging muscles) and cutting-edge ultrasound and light therapy will treat a variety of skin conditions and a myriad of common skin ailments.

Whatever your skin type, whatever time you have, whatever your income …. Beauty Works can create a tailor-made facial to suit.


Thirst Quenching FacialThirst-Quenching Rejuvenating Facial – 60 minutes

The ultimate therapy designed to leave your skin feeling refreshed and uplifted. Includes brow tidy, cooling peel-off mask containing Green Tea and a relaxing scalp massage to transport you to inner peace.

Warm Paraffin wax facialWarm Paraffin Wax Facial – 60 minutes

Suitable for all skin types. Treatment includes thorough cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and a light massage and mask. The therapeutic effects of paraffin wax treatments can last for weeks. Includes brow tidy and a blissful neck, shoulder and facial massage. The warmth of the wax effortlessly enables deep penetration of oils and leaves skin wonderfully soft. Facial concludes with a soothing scalp massage.

Prescription Facial – 60 minutes

A facial therapy offering something for everyone, even the most sensitive skin. A combination of nature’s ingredients are used and treatment concludes with a complementing mask leaving your skin feeling and looking healthy, glowing and smooth.

Pick me up Facial – 30 minutes

Ideal for busy clients wishing to enjoy benefits of a facial in under an hour. Perfect for addressing your skin’s daily needs.

Facial for the BackFacial for the Back – 45 minutes

Suitable for all skin types. Treatment includes thorough cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and a light massage and mask.


Refreshments are included.

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Alternatively you may be interested in advanced facials or organic facials.


Non-Surgical Face Lifting with no injections! 

Created by Silhouette International, leaders in micro-current for over 35 years, Beauty Works clients can experience a revolutionary Dermalift facial system. Clients will benefit from lifting and toning of tired and sagging facial and neck muscles, with reduced lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, mouth, cheeks, neck and throat. For further information on this and other dynamic, supercharged facials including those for special occasions and for acned skin, please contact Beauty Works Horsham for additional information.

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Genesis – Combined Ultrasound & Light Therapy

A Genesis treatment is just the tonic your skin needs. Combining the proven technologies of Ultrasonic and Light Therapy, the Genesis will help to treat a myriad of common skin ailments that affect people of all ages with all skin types.

“This treatment is outstanding, I could feel my skin becoming tighter as the treatment went on. The end result was fabulous. My skin feels and looks amazing. Its totally plumped out and hydrated – I feel ten years younger!” – D Blake.

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Microdermabrasion is one of the leading techniques for skin rejuvenation, due to its simplicity and effectiveness. I use a diamond dermabrasion system.  The skin is gently abraded using surgical grade tips covered in fine particles of diamonds.  This is even suitable for sensitive skin.  It is designed to remove the dead skin cells thereby leaving your skin silky smooth.

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Organic Facials

During the Autumn of 2019, I discovered a range of skincare products which are carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality. They are made from 100% Natural ingredients and include essential oils, base oils, butters, balms and waxes to help nourish and nurture your skin.

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