Non Surgical Facelift

facial-treatmentThe Dermalift Non-Surgical Facelift at Horsham Beauty Works excels in dealing with the signs of ageing, such as facial lines and wrinkles Genesis Combined Ultrasound and Light Therapy

It has the ability to reduce those tell-tale signs and bring back the natural glow and elasticity that is associated with youthful skin and is suitable for all skin types.


Dermalift uses microcurrents of infinitely adjustable timed pulses and frequencies of a specially chosen wave form, gently applied through specially designed facial probes.

Microcurrents are applied to the facial muscles and tissue of the face, neck and throat and gently stimulate those areas that have lost their youthful glow and resilience.  The fine lines that have formed around the eyes will start to diminish and your skin texture will take on a much fresher appearance, feeling smoother and regenerated.

My private beauty salon in Horsham offers a luxurious and relaxing environment for your treatment, with personal care from me.

Dermafusion is the professional infusion of selected inter-active ingredients that work in harmony to treat and prevent the signs of ageing.  This is a facial treatment resulting in an appearance and feeling of rejuvenated and enhanced youthful skin.  The range includes luxurious treatments such as Caviar, Collagen, Bofusion and many more.

The unique gentle micro pluses of the Dermafusion facial treatment will ensure that your skin realizes its maximum potential.  It will successfully achieve twice the penetration of the ingredients of the selected mask and ampoules in half the time of other conventional facial routines.

Dermafusion specialty facials can be directed to treat a magnitude of needs and desires.

Unlock the secret to anti-aging with no injections!


You will benefit from:

  • A revolutionary Dermalift, micro-current, facial system
  • Successfully lifted and toned tired and sagging muscles, with reduced lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, mouth, cheeks, neck and throat area
  • Firmer facial contours with released expression and stress lines
  • More youthful appearance and much younger skin texture
  • Reduction in puffiness around the eyes
  • Increased circulation and elasticity
  • Improved acned skin
  • Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation, to detoxify and increase the speed of product ingredients’ absorption and improve results

Recommended as a course of 10-12 treatments, with a monthly maintenance treatment to keep your skin in optimum condition throughout the year.

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Dynamic, Supercharged Facial, Eye and Neck masks to treat and prevent the signs of ageing. Unrivaled full 90-minute inter-active facials, guaranteed for client comfort and satisfaction.

Visual difference and effectiveness often experienced immediately.

What my clients have said:

“The results of my Silhouette facials have far surpassed my expectations. My eyes appear wider and I no longer look tired. My cheekbones and chin are more defined and wrinkles are softened. The texture of my skin has also improved considerably”. “An infusion of (Marine) Collagen plumped up my skin wonderfully and boosted the facial’s effects even more. I have had many compliments”

Mrs K.P., Surrey

“I could begin to see the results after the first treatment of this 10-session course. I have seen a dramatic change in both the texture and colour of my skin, which is now smooth and plumped with an even colour. It feels and looks younger and well-nourished. I am delighted with the results, without having to undergo any surgical procedure! Each treatment has been extremely relaxing. The products used feel very luxurious on the skin and, with Debbie’s expertise, the whole course has been delightful.”