Arundawn Dog Rescue

I believe in supporting charities and here’s the story about how I became involved with Arundawn Dog Rescue.

In 2015, my Battersea rescue dog, Maisie, went missing from a day care centre.  I created a Facebook Page called: Find Maisie and I think it is still there now.  With hundreds of supporters sharing the page, and the word Rescue appearing in every post, every day for the 10 days she was missing, FB clearly felt I should be flagged for every Rescue centre in the country!

However, this turned out to be yet another story of Serendipity because a local self-funded rescue called Arundawn Dog Rescue popped up.  In the Autumn of the same year, they were asking for donations of bedding, toys and other vital resources they needed through the winter. 

Due to having had so much support in the successful recapture of Maisie, I wanted to help Arundawn so I created a Christmas Hamper with the help of my clients.  I drove to Hammerpond Road in Manning’s Heath and delivered it and met Elaine Barter, the owner, and she introduced me to all the dogs who are part of her own ‘pack’ for various reasons.

I did the same thing the following Easter but, this time, I offered to walk a very scruffy (but beautiful in my eyes) dog who had been handed in.  Her name was Sorrel and there began my firm and resolute desire to help the dogs who are often council strays or abandoned by owners.  Sorrel and I had an amazingly close and magnetic affinity …… she was a tough cookie; she was fierce in her attitude and she certainly wasn’t easy but we seemed to have an incredible bond just on that first walk.  I knew I was destined to keep volunteering and here we are, three years on and I just love being part of the team.   I fall in love regularly (particularly with Lurchers!) and would probably have adopted about 14 of them by now!!   Maisie always has other ideas and makes them know…

If you follow me personally on Facebook, you will see that just about every post is a Share from Arundawn (and other dog rescues too sometimes).  Please do take a look at their website and find out more.