Spray Tanning at Horsham Beauty Works

There are various things we can do to help ourselves look healthier and feel more confident; having a golden glow is certainly one of them!  However, the risks and dangers of sunbeds and of the UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays from the sun are well-documented, skin cancer being the main one. Spray tanning is the ideal solution to looking good and feeling great!  In just around 25 minutes, you can say “Goodbye” to the winter-white pasty skin and “Hello” to the body which looks as if it’s been on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean!  It is an ideal choice for all occasions like weddings and parties, holidays and celebrations, summer or winter.

Naturasun spray tanning in HorshamI have chosen Naturasun International, a worldwide brand in spray tanning.  The products contain 100%  natural ingredients and a formula for quick development; long-lasting results and an even fade.  It is a favourite for all skin types.

Tans generally last around 5-7 days and will fade naturally as the outer layers of your skin shed.  There are several shades to choose from and I can customise them for you.

  • Contains 100% natural pomegranate antioxidants
  •  Added moisturiser for longer – lasting results
  • Paraben / alcohol free
  • Desired colour mixed by salon professional
  • Special formula develops evenly after application
  • Europe’s No.1. spray is a winner at Beauty Works, Horsham, FAST, EFFECTIVE and SAFE and you’ll leave looking as if you’ve been in the sun – without the risks!
  • Tans immediately
  • Suits all skin types
  • Several shades to choose from – personalised for you
  • Takes approximately 25 minutes (full body tan)
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Lasts approx 7-10 days, in one application (depending on the density of shade chosen)
  • Warm air application, dries on contact – for your comfort and convenience

Tips for a longer-lasting Naturasun Tan:

  • Exfoliate and remove unwanted hair a day prior to spray tan.
  • Avoid wearing perfume, make-up and moisturisers on the day of your appointment – these are barriers to tan development.
  • Wear dark underwear and loose fitting clothing to appointment.
  • Wait at least 12-24 hours before bathing, showering, or swimming. Always pat yourself dry with a towel to prevent colour removal.
  • Avoid prolonged swimming as this can cause an to fade unevenly.

Take a step closer to your year-round tan and make an appointment in Horsham at Beauty Works today!

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