Reiki Natural Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki Natural Healing is a Japanese word meaning universal Life Energy (Rei is Universal and Ki is Life Energy). It is the vital force that flows through all matter and can be activated for a powerful form of healing called Reiki.

Reiki is in no way a faith system. 

How does it work?

A Reiki therapist channels energy through his or her hands into the client’s body to enhance the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Reiki works on all levels of a person’s being, thereby reaching the cause, as well as the physical symptoms. All illness and disease comes about as a result of the natural flow of energy being impaired in some way. Reiki helps to reinstate and balance the flow of energy. When the energy flows correctly, it is much easier to take up the task of living as we would desire. Attitudes change, tiredness recedes.

What is disease?

Disease is a state of disruption in the physical, emotional or mental body of a person, caused by a blockage within the energy field of that person. It is said of blockages that they are caused by circumstances that we enter into and exposed to within our daily life. With Reiki natural healing, we treat the blockage, not the illness.

Reiki Natural Healing treatment

Reiki is a simple but powerful process. Treatments and frequency are individually tailored to the client’s needs and condition. In most cases, the treatment lasts for about an hour and is carried out on a couch. The client remains fully dressed while the Reiki therapist goes through a set healing format. This format is agreed with the patient before the treatment. Reiki carries very few contra-indications. However, the therapist may well refuse treatment to a woman in the early stages of pregnancy. Gender, age and condition are of no concern to the Reiki therapist as the client’s own body controls the healing process by taking the amount of energy it requires at any one session.

The experience

The client may well feel a pleasant sensation of warmth or, occasionally, coldness in the area being treated. As the treatment progresses, stress is released and a feeling of well-being is usually experienced. Chronic illnesses usually respond well to Reiki though, in these cases, some slight discomfort might be experienced in the beginning. As Reiki sessions progress the low level of the energy, usually associated with illness or disease, will begin to rise. When this happens, recovery starts to become easy to see. Not only do a client’s physical symptoms begin to go away, but the will to get better is strengthened and motivation becomes the client’s best weapon for recovery. Many clients, who come for Reiki at Beauty Works Horsham become so relaxed after a couple of treatments that, within moments of a treatment starting, they are fast asleep.

The traditional Reiki natural healing training method, if done correctly, is 99% effective and 100% safe. Reiki energy is a very gentle form of healing using a very light touch technique. It will not cause any harm.

The treatment

Reiki Natural Healing Session – 60mins. £42.00

Some comments from our recent clients

Reiki Treatment Mr P. Smith, Horsham:

“For a number of years I have visited Debbie for her more “hands on” treatments to help deal with a number of issues that rugby had inflicted on my worn out body! During these appointments our discussions began to drift towards the more spiritual side of her work and it was with interest that I learnt of her training as a Reiki practitioner. This interest deepened when Debbie began to offer Reiki treatments to her clients. As someone interested in the impact on the spiritual side of Debbie’s work I booked myself in for a Reiki session. From the first appointment I felt an almost immediate effect, both physically and spiritually, as soon as Debbie began to work on me I felt waves of energy moving through me. (Sounds a little new agey I know but there were very strong reactions which have, on occasions, had me bouncing up from the treatment table). Post treatment I have found myself full of energy, with a more dynamic purpose. (It’s been some time since I felt energetic and dynamic!) As an eternal student, currently studying in a couple of fields, I feel that this treatment has given me a little extra “zip” which has benefited by studies. Whilst the treatment may not be everyone’s taste, it is one that others may want to, at least, consider.”

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