Microdermabrasion at the Horsham Beauty Works


Microdermabrasion has become the leading technique for skin rejuvenation, due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Here at our beauty salon in Horsham, we use a closed loop vacuum system, to deliver a precisely controlled volume of crystals to the outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis). The epidermis is subjected to attack on a daily basis, and by removing or breaking up this layer using microdermabrasion, the body is forced to replace the aged skin cells with new, healthy ones.

The manual action of microdermabrasion increases the natural production of collagen and elastin providing firmer, fresher and smoother skin – fine lines, blemishes and scarring appear reduced.

How many treatments will I need?

A normal course varies between six to ten treatments, ideally at weekly intervals. After your initial course at Beauty Works, we recommend a treatment once every four weeks to maintain fresher, more youthful skin. The epidermis should be fresh, firm and able to breathe: new cells cannot surface through old, blocked and damaged skin. Silhouette microdermabrasion immediately delivers the desired result.

How long does it take & which skin conditions can benefit from microdermabrasion?

Facial treatment 45 minutes £45.00

Deluxe facial treatment 60 minutes £52.00 (includes modelling and anti-oxidant masks, as well as the bio-active ampoules and creams to “super-boost” your facial. This combination will deliver fantastic results)

Fine lines and wrinkles

Uneven pigmentation and textureMicrodermabrasion from Beauty Works Horsham

Age spots

Acne scarring or marks

Sun damage

Enlarged pores


Ageing hands

Stretch marks

Cellulite (orange-peel effect)


Body treatment 30 minutes £38.00

Hand treatment 10 minutes £15.00


Some of the responses we have received from our clients:-

My session of Microdermabrasion with Debbie was amazing. The process seemed to instantly make way for new fresh skin to come to the surface. My skin felt refreshed even as the process was taking place. The lack of chemicals and lasers seemed a more natural solution to traditionally harsh exfoliation. I read up on Microdermabrasion before my treatment and was concerned about the suggestion of pain – nonsense. I found it very relaxing Mr. S.R. Furnace Green, West Sussex

I found the Microdermabrasion a relaxing and enjoyable treatment. I was very impressed to see an immediate improvement in my skin tone. Mrs. A.H. Horsham, West Sussex


Steve Rham, Furnace Green “Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks My session of Microdermabrasion with you was amazing, The process seemed to instantly make way for new fresh skin to come to the surface. l could almost feel your skin refreshing as the process was taking place. I particularly liked the way that you kept me informed of what was happening and what sensations to expect. The lack of chemicals and lasers seemed a more natural solution to traditionally harsh exfoliation, not that l know a huge amount about this being a bloke and all that, although l have dabbled with my teenage daughters potions. I found the experience and especially your company really relaxing and have recommended your treatments to friends”

“I look forward to seeing you soon for more treatments”



This is a general guide only showing comparisons of all 3 treatments for optimum results.

Forehead Cheeks Jawline Neck Eyebrows Undereye Mouth Sun Damage Fine Line Wrinkles Scarring Acne
Combined Dermalift/ Genesis  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES  YES
Intensive Dermalift/ Genesis Eye Treatment  YES  YES  YES  YES

* MDB = MicroDermabrasion

Note: All treatments can be taken individually. However, courses are available for optimum, longer-lasting effect. We also offer bespoke combinations of any of the above which deliver very powerful results.