LaStone Therapy Massage from Beauty Works Horsham


LaStone therapy massage from Beauty Works Horsham is a complete therapy system, combining established scientific knowledge with creative practice. LaStone is the contemporary approach to thermotherapy with techniques skilfully used to ‘exercise’ the circulatory systems and to assist the body in self-healing

Carefully harvested basalt stones are heated and natural marble stones are chilled to deliver a therapeutic effect that goes beyond measure

LaStone therapy produces deep relaxation and energizing responses, whilst balancing the mind, body and spirit. Clients lie down on a warm bed of stones while heated and chilled stones create an adventure with temperature, incorporating gentle tapping of stones to reduce and disperse fibrositic nodules and tension areas


what are the benefits of LaStone therapy?

• Provides deeper levels of healing than traditional massage

• Stimulates circulation through temperature

• Body balance (homeostasis) delivered through the stones

• Strengthens the immune system

• Uplifts the mind and spirit

• Unique and original therapy

LaStone Massage Horsham

LaStone Therapy Mrs K.H., Purley, Surrey “… a wonderful treatment, very powerful. I had the best night’s sleep for three years, long, deep and restorative. Quite incredible! you have a real gift”