Holistic Massage

Beauty Works holistic massage treatments are based on techniques that have passed through the hands of many generations. Beauty Works incorporates aromatic and essential oils to complete your sensory experience. Holistic massage in our private treatment room here in Horsham is designed to treat not only the symptoms of an ailment, but also the general physical and mental characteristics of our clients.  It is aimed at relaxing the muscles, calming the emotions, improving circulation and recharging the body’s immune system  

In this way, it can differ from other types of massage therapy which often work on the specific muscles/muscle groups and which focus on particular areas of damage or pain

Beauty Works’ treatment room in the heart of Horsham is an oasis of calm; most people feel incredibly relaxed after massage.  Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains, developed from tension or repetitive activity.  After an initial period of feeling slowed down, clients often feel revitalised, with heightened awareness and greater productivity, which can last for days

Full Body Massage             – 60 minutes

Back, Neck and Shoulder – 30 and 45 minutes

Beauty Works Horsham also offers Indian Head Massage of 30 and 45 minutes duration Indian Head Massage from Beauty Works Horsham

Indian Head Massage at Beauty Works HorshamA profoundly relaxing and remedial treatment which is immediately effective. It is one of the most relaxing massages you can have! Clients do not have to remove their clothes and this massage can be performed without oils or creams

LaStone Therapy LaStone Therapy Massage from Beauty Works Horsham

The original hot and cold stone massage

An unrivaled experience with medically and scientifically proved physiological benefits. Alternating hot and cold temperature to the body has a therapeutic effect that goes beyond measure. Hot basalt and chilled marble stones deliver the thermodynamics to ‘exercise’ the circulatory systems to assist the body in self-healing

Some comments from recent clients

Massage Therapies Mr J.H., Horsham, Sussex “Massage with Debbie is a professional and pleasant experience. I was delighted with the results. Debbie’s commitment is total and it comes through in her treatment”

Massage Therapies Mrs B Charlton, Crawley Down “I just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful care you gave me with the back massages, that really helped the problems that I had with intense muscle spasms following the spinal disc replacement that I had last year. Your service was exceptional, and I immediately felt at ease and relaxed in the calm and pleasant environment of your salon. I recommended you to my daughter-in-law to be, who is herself a beauty therapist, and I know that she has had a couple of wonderful sessions with you herself. Please feel free to show future prospective clients my testimonial to your wonderful and caring service”

Massage Therapies Mr D. Sakakini, Horsham “I would like to dedicate this positive contribution in a way of a testimony for Debbie Pickles. 7 weeks ago I was involved in a serious car accident resulting in 6 vertebrae out of place, extensive internal bruising – basically a lot of pain. Debbie was in contact with my chiropractor and messaged me saying she could help. I jumped at the chance, if you have ever been a client of Debbie’s you will know how booked up she is. This amazing talented lady worked her magic behind my left shoulder blade which was causing discomfort to my neck and back. I’d like to say my life is nearly normal. Thank you Debbie – you are truly amazing!”.

Massage Therapies Mr D. Sakakini, Horsham “Firstly, I would like to thank you for a relaxing experience. As a person who regularly gets massage, I needed to tell you that your services are far more superior than I have ever experienced. You located areas in my body that needed attention in order for me to have a better quality of life and preventing future problems. My previous experience in massage has been somewhat mechanical, 5 minutes on one leg, 5 minutes on another, etc., a well-rehearsed exercise of a team. Debbie explored deep muscular tension which needed relaxing and almost tenderising. During the day I have to say I was extremely relaxed and less stressed, 24 Hours later I still feel the same. I look forward to having monthly treatments in the knowledge that I am in very professional hands.”