Horsham Facials and Skincare

Facials and skincare at our Horsham clinic 

We offer a wonderful range of facials to bring out the best in your skin.  From holistic, hands-on facials to the more advanced anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation, you have a variety of luxurious facial therapies to choose from at our luxurious Horsham clinic.

Non Surgical Facelift in Horsham


Unlock the secret to anti-ageing – with no injections!

You will benefit from:

A revolutionary dermalift, micro-current, facial system.

Successfully lifted and toned tired and sagging muscles, with reduced lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, mouth, cheeks, neck and throat area.

Firmer facial contours with released expression and stress lines.

More youthful appearance and much younger skin texture

Reduction in puffiness around the eyes

Increased circulation and elasticity

Improved acned skin

Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation, to detoxify and increase the speed of product ingredients’ absorption and improve results.

MicrodermabrasionMicrodermabrasion from Beauty Works Horsham

Microdermabrasion has become one of the leading techniques for skin rejuvenation, due to its simplicity and effectiveness.  The outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis) is subjected to attack on a daily basis.  By removing or breaking up this layer using microdermabrasion, the body is forced to replace the aged skin cells with new, healthy ones.

Fine lines, blemishes and scarring appear reduced.  The manual action of microdermabrasion increases the natural production of collagen and elastin providing firmer, fresher and smoother skin.

Genesis – combined ultrasound and light therapy

Combining the proven technologies of Ultrasound and Light Therapy, the Genesis will not only treat tired, lifeless and dull skin, but also post-acne scarring, sun-damaged skin, redness, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin.    “This treatment is outstanding.  I could feel my skin becoming tighter as the treatment went on.  The end result was fabulous.  My skin feels and looks amazing.  It is totally plumped out and hydrated – I feel ten years younger!”  D.B.

All Horsham facials and skin care treatments are at our luxurious private clinic.