Body Bronzing treatment from Horsham Beauty Works

There is nothing quite like a healthy, glowing, natural-looking tan to make you look and feel fantastic!  At Beauty Works Horsham, we have been using St. Tropez body bronzing products for 18 years and have a retail range available for our clients in order that they can extend the life of their tan, at home

As one of the original tanning companies, St. Tropez has spent many years at the forefront of sunless tanning.  Every product has been developed with expert advice to ensure perfect results

What happens during a St. Tropez Body Bronzing treatment?

Body bronzing treatment Horsham Clients are kindly requested to arrive hair-free and exfoliated.  A warm couch awaits where the client will spend approximately an hour and a quarter while the original, salon-inspired formula of a tinted, bronzing lotion is carefully and expertly applied to the face, legs, arms and body.  Following application, towelling mitts are used to gently blend the tan into the skin to ensure a perfect, streak-free finish.  The tan will gradually develop over a period of four hours when showering may then take place.

St. Tropez tinted bronzing lotion is specially created to give the richest, deepest tan.

We offer a range of tanning treatments and are more than to discuss the right body bronzing treatment for you.

Whether it’s for a special event like a wedding, for a holiday or just because you want to look and feel great with glowing, healthy skin, our bronzing is a great way to look naturally tanned.  Take a step closer to your year-round tan and make an appointment for your body bronzing treatment at Horsham Beauty Works today!